Five Best Car Blogs on the Internet You Should Read if You Love Cars

Posted On July 16th, 2019

Do you love cars? You probably do. You could be a car enthusiast, a sports car fan, an F1 maniac or just a somebody who works in the unending automobile industry.

There is yet another category that only wants to look up motor blogs occasionally when they are contemplating either buying or selling a car. If you belong to either of these categories, we have at least one blog that you should check out on a regular basis.


If you want to buy a new car
Auto Cheat Sheet

It is exactly what it calls itself. It’s a cheat sheet into the automobile industry, with insights from experts and retired experienced technicians. It is what you need to go through multiple times before buying a new car because they have tips for everyone! They want you to know how to buy a car in July, or how women should plan to buy their car (because of the evident sexism in the automobile industry). It is the best one that is rich in content, with quality and quantity above par from the rest of the websites we analysed.

If you love motorsports

This one is impressive in terms of how vast it really is. They are a premium digital media network primarily focused on motor racing, for more than 20 years now. They have had more than 25 editions and 16 languages. They have a prime membership too, which give you exclusive benefits such as in-depth analysis of articles, personalised articles and newsfeed, technical analysis and the inside track from renowned technical artist Giorgio Priola and more.


If you want to take care of an old car

Mechanic Base

One of the more utility-based websites. It has research with the application. You can speak with a mechanic online about the problem you have, and they should be able to help you. Latest oil review? Or you want to know which vacuum cleaner would be the best for your car? Things only a mechanic would tell you explained well. Trustworthy website as all reviews are done by their own team. Trouble Codes is their special feature that talks about various problems that your car can have, defines them, and then gives you the possible causes and possible solutions for it.


If you want to sell an old car

Auckland Car Buyer 

Tips on how to sell your car in Auckland and get top cash quotes for an old car are reader’s favourite from this one. It’s in simple terms, layman’s language without complicating everything that you need to do. They are car buyers in Auckland which makes them experts in giving tips around responsibly getting rid of your car. Read up for some basic information on getting your car’s worth.


If you want to know the latest about the automobile industry

Go Auto

Think of this as a news website for automobiles. Go Auto gives you the best information focused majorly on the motor vehicle sector. The latest wheels, the best accessories, and more. They are an independent publishing platform and have plenty of subsidiaries you can go check out. They also have a paid premium version which gives you immediate information on trends in the industry that shareholders should keep an eye for.


Bonus: Podcast!

The Humble Mechanic

This humble guy comes up with a new podcast every month, or so. You can get information on cars, car maintenance tips and a lot of ‘DIYs’ (Do-it-Yourself) With firsthand information, you will get great information that you do not need to read. Why? Because you can either hear it on your way to work or watch it while you have lunch. All this without going through the trouble of reading. Honestly, this is for the ones who are not much into reading.


There are many more websites that our team thinks fits the criteria of ‘best websites’ but we shall hold that for a future article. If you enjoyed reading this, make sure you check out our own blog that has massive information on selling your car and other tips. They come straight from the car buyers!


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